Illinois Senate Deputy Minority Leader and Vision First Honorary Board Member Christine Radogno urges states to initiate Senate Bill 805.


“As chief sponsor of Illinois Senate Bill 805 in 2003, I urge the remaining states across the nation to initiate the same legislation. 

Every vision screening program needs a disclaimer and parents should be given the choice to go directly to an eye doctor for an eye exam in place of a vision screening. 

Schools need to encourage complete eye and vision exams, not vision screenings, along with the health exams.  Good vision is extremely important for children’s learning in school.

It’s constituents like Mrs. Janet Hughes, who take the time to share their experience and knowledge with others, that make our world a better place.


I am proud to endorse Vision First Foundation and their Kids Eyes Count Campaign.”  

State Senator Christine Radogno

Illinois Senate Deputy Minority Leader

Vision First Honorary Board Member


“There is no force so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”
—Everett Dirksen

Senator Christine Radogno, Doris Mochel, Dr. Elliot Politzer, Dr. Floyd Mizener,

Dr. Larry Vogel, and Janet Hughes urge the remaining states to enact legislation for children's vision.