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Vision First is committed to comprehensive eye and vision examinations. Let's bring children's vision into the 21st century.

The Kids Eyes Count Campaign supports our missionto raise the standards of eye care for our children's visual welfare. 

Here you'll find answers, help, and hope.

Follow three simple steps and you can be a part of our campaign! Academic learning is estimated to be 80% visual.  No child should experience school with a hidden eye or vision problem.

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A Mother's Mission

From the founder and president

"Shocked that vision screenings missed my children's vision problems, I learned vision screenings are inadequate. I took action for change."



Amy's Law

Illinois is the first state to require parental notification that vision screening is not a substitute for an eye examination.   Does your state give parents a choice?


Illinois' Eye Exam Law
The story behind Senate Bill 641

Illinois passed two vision laws in four years. Together, we made a difference.


"For Illinois"

These documents reference Illinois law. Includes prewritten eye exam and vision screening letters for schools and report forms.


Amy Needs Glasses?!

"I'm proud to report Amy is an avid reader and honor roll student today who loves school.  All because she had an eye exam and received the glasses she needed."   Here is a short poem of why Vision First began. 


The Optometric Four Horsemen and Cavalry

The Optometric Four Horsemen and Cavalry support the efforts of Mrs. Janet Hughes and Vision First Foundation.  Optometry has the knowledge and skills to solve many classroom problems. 



Vision First applauds the Illinois House and Senate members for turning a vetoed bill into Illinois law!

"Kudos to the Illinois Federation of Teachers and Illinois PTA for adopting the resolution I prepared, Required Vision Examination Before Entering Kindergarten, and taking it straight to the top with chief sponsors Senator Deanna Demuzio and Representative Jil Tracy.

Congratulations to all involved, including the Illinois Optometric Association, the Illinois Association of School Boards, and Senator Christine Radogno for their support.

Children deserve the best start for learning in school. Thank you for making this goal a reality.

May Illinois be a model to other states across the nation."

Janet Hughes, founder and president
Vision First Foundation
October 10, 2007

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

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In loving memory of Dr. Floyd Woods, founding Vision First Foundation secretary/treasurer

Dr. Woods saw double as boy, until a thorough optometrist corrected his vision problem with glasses.  He wanted no other child to struggle as he did. 

He knew vision screenings were inadequate and believed “nothing less than a comprehensive eye and vision examination by an eye doctor was good enough for our children…period!”

In loving memory of Dr. Irving Kernis, Vision First Honorary Board Member

Dr. Kernis always wanted the best for children.  He knew complete exams by an eye doctor were the only way to find eye and vision problems.  He often said, “What if a vision screening missed your child?”

Kids Eyes Count